Call for collaborators for the MLGenSig project

The MI^2 group led by Przemyslaw Biecek (University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology), is a fast growing group of Data Scientists that are working on cutting edge statistical and machine learning tools with applications to molecular oncology.
Our recent developments include:

    • archivist - reproducible research done right,
      MLExpResso - integrated analysis of gene expression and methylation,
  • Currently we have three opened paid positions. Two for talented and proactive MSc students and one for PhD student. These positions are founded from ,,MLGenSig: Machine Learning Methods for building the Integrated Genetic Signatures'' project funded by NCN program OPUS 11.
    In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact with przemyslaw.biecek at gmail dot com.

    Research assistant – statistical software

    (position for 12 months for MSc student)

    What you will be doing?

    You will be proactively taking care of software packages created in MI2DataLab. We are creating analytical tools, you will make sure that these are high quality tools, with reproducible documentation, unit-tests, cheat-sheets, Travis hooks and so on. Read about new tools, prepare workshops for rest of the team, check if our packages are using best practices.

    What you will learn?

    Good practices related to development of R/python scripts is a must have for any company that is doing serious data science. Get this unique experience, take care about our packages and make them shiny.

    Expected skills
    (you should have at least one, the more the better)

    - experience with R packages or/and python libraries,
    - experience with tools for continuous integration, like Travis, Github, test coverage,
    - familiarity with unit-tests and reproducible research.

    How to apply:

    See below. Add a link to your GitHub repository. Write few words about your best R package.

    For MSc student we offer a civil contract ~1500 PLN/month for 12 months. Expected workload – one full day per week.

    Research assistant – scientific communication

    (position for 12 months for MSc student)

    What you will be doing?

    You will be proactively taking care of quality of articles, reports and presentations that are created in MI2DataLab. That includes helping others with understanding of basic rules of scientific communication, helping with structuring their reports and articles. We are promoting our tools on conferences, academic journals or through reports. Help us create great articles and even better presentations. Read about scientific communication, prepare workshops for rest of the team, be the first reader with critical and constructive comments.

    What you will learn?

    Whatever you are working in academia or business, the clear communication of advanced and complicated concepts is one of the most important skills. You will train yourself how to write good articles and reports and also how to help others to improve their articles and reports.

    Expected skills

    - written English – level C1 or higher,
    - habit of reading longer texts,
    - concise and clear communication.

    How to apply:

    See below. Add one or two reports/presentations that you are proud of.

    For MSc student we offer a civil contract ~1500 PLN/month for 12 months. Expected workload – one full day per week.

    PhD student

    (1 position for 3 years for a PhD student)

    If you have:

    • Interest in Machine Learning and/or Statistical Modelling (GLM is your friend),

    • Interest in the genetics and oncology,

    • Strong writing skills in English (if you have published anything it will be a big plus),

    • Strong motivation, enjoying challenges and work on hard problems.

    We offer a scholarship ~3000 PLN/month (without taxes), a lot of challenging problems to solve and collaboration with interesting people.

    How to apply?

    Send your resume and short motivation letter (in English or Polish). Point out one or two referees (researchers, advisor, employer) that could say something about you. Send these documents by email to przemyslaw.biecek(at)gmail com (add 'MLGenSig' to the email subject). Please, do this as soon as possible, but not later than 4 September 2017.